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Deathcare Professionals

People's Memorial Association recognizes that the education provided by the funeral industry lacks diversity, training on various cultural practices around death and dying, and training to care for Black hair and skin. These courses are intended to support those working in deathcare, including but not limited to, funeral directors, death doulas, and hospice care providers.

Online Courses

The following online courses are offered by Joél Simone Maldonado, The Grave Woman, a licensed funeral director and sacred grief practitioner in Atlanta, Georgia.

If you relate in any way to the descriptions provided for each course, Joél strongly encourages you to invest not only in yourself and career, but also into the firms you will work with. Most importantly, taking one of these courses is an investment into the deceased and their families that you will serve.

Many of the courses are APFSP certified for Continued Education Credit. Class schedules are flexible and are hosted online for your convenience.


The following online courses are offered by A Sacred Passing, a nonprofit organization dedicated to death midwifery and community education. 


The following self-study online course was created by leaders in the death and dying community on how to facilitate a good death for all. Those leaders are Joél Simone Maldonado, Oceana Sawyer, Alua Arthur, Alica Forneret, and Lashanna Williams.


These online courses created by Alua Arthur, founder of Going with Grace, and other leaders in end of life are designed to shift consciousness, soften fear, and renew engagement with life through the contemplation, study, and practice of being with death. Who knew that the study of and preparation for death could be so creative, inspiring, and exciting?