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Consumer Protection

Amend the Funeral Rule

In October 2022, the FTC asked the public for comments on proposals to update the Funeral Rule.  This comment period came on the heels of a huge public response to a 2020 request by the Commission for feedback about the existing Funeral Rule text. Here is the letter that was sent to the FTC from the PMA Board of Directors back in 2020 and here's what the Board submitted in early 2023

The Funeral Rule was written in 1984 and remains the only piece of federal legislation that regulates the funeral industry.  We have been working alongside other organizations in the funeral industry to urge the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to amend the Funeral Rule.  One of the most important changes that needs to be made is requiring funeral homes to post their General Price Lists on their websites.  Skip to page 52 of this FTC report to read the full list of questions that they are seeking feedback on.  In September 2023, the FTC hosted an all-day workshop made up of panels of stakeholders, all of which were addressing those questions.  You can watch that full recording here (or skip to 4:53:15 when PMA's panel on green alternatives begins!).

Hundreds of people attended that workshop event in person and virtually. This federal law is designed to support consumers like you at a time when they are uniquely vulnerable.  We are so grateful to all the members that submitted their own responses during the FTC's open comment period, making sure they didn't miss the chance to contribute to that essential work!