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My 7 Biggest Mistakes as a Funeral Director & Entrepreneur

Self-study e-course.

"Long story short, I have no shortage of huge cringy moments, regrets, and things that I wish could have done a lot differently. ESPECIALLY as it pertains to my career and journey as an entrepreneur. Some of my mistakes could have been easily avoided had I been wise enough earlier on to heed the instruction, wisdom, and warning of those that poured into me. But as they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure... and I pray that you will be able to us these 7 jewels of wisdom!  I've clearly laid out in this 14 minute audio file how to not only avoid many pitfalls of the industry, but to also possibly grow beyond the success I've experienced and be a shining example for the next generation." 

- Joél Simone Maldonado, The Grave Woman