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Employee Benefits Program

Support your employees by providing them the resources that help empower them in their time of need. An employee benefit of PMA membership or educational resources helps your staff have access to the information they need to plan ahead and make informed choices.

The Grief Recovery Institute reports that grieving employees are substantially more likely to be injured on the job due to a lack of concentration, they struggle with focusing on tasks, and are likely to lean on destructive coping mechanisms. These effects are further amplified in situations in which the loss was traumatic. There’s no good time for loss, and grief will always take the time it takes, but studies show that employees need their work environment to be somewhere they can be open and honest.

"HR can be the beacon of culture and a catalyst of reason,” one leader, Mita Mallick, points out. "How we show up for our employees during the most painful and traumatic periods of their lives is something they will never forget." The World Health Organization estimates that for every $1 a company invests in benefits like employee assistance programs, they receive a $4 return on their investment in increased productivity and improved long-term health benefits. By demonstrating from the beginning that you are invested in an employee’s whole self, you are fostering an open and honest workplace where employees want to be and want to stay.

PMA Membership as an Employee Benefit

$50 per employee... a savings of 50%!

Provide a local, tangible benefit to your employees by giving them a lifetime PMA memberships. This includes:

  • a 15% discount on deathcare at our statewide network of funeral homes;
  • end-of-life planning documents (digital or print);
  • access to discounted rates for on-demand education webinars;
  • a 90-minute educational workshop annually; and,
  • a 50% discount on additional PMA memberships for their loved ones.

Educational Resource Package

$500 per 100 employees, or $1,500 per 500 employees.

Empower your staff to make informed decisions about their end-of-life care with essential educational resources. This includes:

  • all planning documents and webinars sent to your HR team annually, and
  • a customized 90-minute educational workshop presented to your staff annually.

Interested in offering one of these benefits to your employees?  Have another idea of a possible offering?  Want to offer donation matching at your organization? Reach out any time at