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Webinar Library

These classes are available for purchase and are $5 for PMA members and $10 for nonmembers:

Death Careers Week 2022:

Green Funerals Week 2022:

Get Organized 2022:

Organ, Eye, and Tissue Donation with Rebecca Grossman from SightLife and Mary Graff from LifeCenter NW.
Death and the Gift of Life: How My Sister Saved Our Brother and Two Strangers with Sara Santiago.

These classes are free:

Ducks in a Row:

Green Funerals Week 2020: 

I'm a new member, now what?
Pushing for Progress in the Funeral Industry: PMA's 2022 WA State Funeral Home Price Survey
What is Corneal Donation? with Rebecca Grossman from SightLife
What is a Death Doula? with Lashanna Williams from A Sacred Passing