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father and son fishing. Parents are PMA members to protect their children

Why be a Member?

Why Be a Member?

For a one-time fee of $50, individual members receive:

  • Lifetime membership with no annual premiums,
  • Part ownership in The Co-op Funeral Home of People's Memorial,
  • Access to discounted rates for cremation and burial plans at our contracted funeral homes,
  • Access to discounted rates for natural organic reduction at our partnering provider,
  • A 15% discount on a complete selection of caskets, urns, and services offered by the selected funeral home,
  • Discounted admission to events and classes hosted by PMA about end-of-life issues,
  • Forms and tools to identify your preferences and share your wishes with your family and loved ones,
  • A compassionate and trustworthy resource for all your questions about memorials, funerals, and other after-death arrangements,
  • An advocate for you at both the state and federal levels,
  • The gift of a planned memorial to give to your loved ones,
  • A 15% discount on services at Resting Waters Aquamation: Seattle's Pet Funeral Home (Contact them directly for details and restrictions),
  • NEW! You can apply for a savings or Pay on Death account with Salal Credit Union. Visit this link for more information. Please be sure to choose People’s Memorial while creating your online application.


But what happens if I move? Your membership is recognized by the national Funeral Consumers Alliance (FCA). Most states have a local affiliate group similar to PMA. If you move, visit the FCA website to find a local group. That local group will honor your membership, though they may charge a $15 transfer fee. If you're a snowbird and live part time in another state, your membership is reciprocal and will be honored if death occurs in that state. If a local FCA group doesn't exist in your new state, contact the FCA main office at 802-865-8300 or for more information.

Learn more by visiting the FAQ page.