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Grief Support

Grief Support

People's Memorial understands that navigating through a loss sometimes can not be done alone.  Here we provide links to a variety of grief and bereavement resources which we have found to be helpful.  We do not endorse specific options, but rather provide this information to enable you to make the best choices for yourself.

Grief Dialogues "We believe that out of grief comes art" A percentage of the sales of "Grief Dialogues: The Book" are donated to PMA

Providence Hospice Grief Support

Swedish Medical Center Bereavement Support

Kaiser Permanente Bereavement Support

The Healing Center of Seattle

Not if But When - Talking with young people about death and loss

Evergreen Hospice Bereavement Support 

Seattle Children's Hospital Journey Program

The Compassionate Friends

Eluna, Camp Erin

Psychology Today, List of Grief Therapists

UW Medicine Bereavement Support Services

Grief Share

Crisis Connections, Survivors of Suicide Support Groups