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Cultural Competency: Properly Caring for Locs & Twist

10/8/23 e-course.

​Locs and twist are adorned by hundreds of millions of black men, women, and children throughout the world. These coiled and compounded strands symbolize deep spiritual connection, devotion to various faiths, and represent personal journeys and connections that are as unique as the individuals that wear them.

This course is designed to accomplish three goals:

  1. Educating end of life, health and death care professionals about the techniques for properly cleansing, conditioning, and caring for locs and twist in a way that spiritually and culturally honors the deceased.
  2. Enabling them to have intelligent conversations with families, loved ones, and hair care professionals about the styling needs of black patients, deceased and those in transition hair.
  3. Maintaining the integrity of the patient or deceased hair with minimal shedding, breakage in efforts to create the best possible memory picture for families and loved ones.