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Cultural Competency: Removing Braids & Other Hair Extensions

10/8/23 e-course.

Braids and hair extensions hold great spiritual and cultural significance and adorned by many black men, women and children. As a result, the likelihood of end of life, health and death care professionals being required to remove braids and other hair extensions from the hair of black decedents is extremely likely.

This course is designed to accomplish three goals: 

  1. Educating end of life, health and death care professionals about the techniques for properly removing braids, and other hair extensions from hair of black patients, decedents and those in transition.
  2. in a way that properly cares for and protects all black hair types, textures;
  3. and maintains the integrity of the deceased hair with minimal shedding, breakage in efforts to allow end of life, health death care or hair care professionals to successfully style and create the best possible memory picture for families and loved ones.