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A dark skinned woman in a volunteer tshirt smiles and picks up trash with other volunteers in the background.


Volunteers are integral to PMA. Below you will find a list of opportunities that are typically available. If you find one of interest, please complete the application form below.

Current need as of May 2019: Board Alternates

  • Citizen Advocacy

    Meet with, call, or write letters to relevant Washington State legislators and U.S. Congressional delegates on issues of funeral price transparency, consumer choice, and protection from predatory sales practices.

  • Marketing/PR Expertise

    Help develop and execute marketing and PR activities, including seeking feature opportunities in local media.

  • Estate or Financial Planning Expertise

    Share your professional expertise with attendees to our Ducks in a Row workshops as a guest speaker. (Must be an estate attorney or financial planner.)

  • IT Help

    Assist with database maintenance and other technical projects on an as-needed basis.