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You Finished Mortuary School, Now What?

Self study e-course.

What's Next for Your Career?

Do you already have a job or paid apprenticeship lined up? Are you ready to take the National Board and State exams? Are you mentally prepared to begin working in the funeral service industry? Are you ready to transition from student to apprentice, or from apprentice to funeral director and/or embalmer? Could you use a little help or guidance? If so, Joél is here to help.

She has worked in the industry for over 10 years in both private and corporate firms, cemeteries, and funeral homes. She has gained so much valuable experience and has developed this course specifically to help you overcome the most common challenges faced by graduates and new funeral service professionals, while empowering you to bravely choose the direction of your professional career.

Join Joél to Discuss:

  • Scheduling National Board & State Law Exams
  • Passing the National Board & State Law Exams
  • Interviewing Like a Pro
  • How to Score an Amazing Apprenticeship or Dream Job
  • Earning Continuing Education Credits
  • Navigating State Board Websites 
  • 6 Tips for Surviving the Funeral Service Industry 
  • Funeral Director Self Care
  • ... and much, much more!