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Natural Organic Reduction


With the passage of SB 5001 Concerning Human Remains in 2019, Washingtonians now have access to a new form of disposition: natural organic reduction.  Also referred to as recomposition and sometimes as human composting, this process takes placed in an enclosed vessel, where a body is placed with organic matter, like alfalfa, wood chips, and straw.  Over the course of roughly a month, the carefully calibrated temperature and moisture inside helps microbes break down the body into a nutrient-rich soil.  About a cubic meter of soil remains at the end of the process, allowing your loved one to not only return to the Earth, but nurture it in perpetuity.

For families interested in exploring this option, please visit the website of our contracted provider for additional information:

  • Recompose is offering 5% off their Precompose prepayment plan for PMA members by using the code 19392011.