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Racism in Death Care 2.0

Self-study e-course.

In this second installment of "Racism in Death Care ©", Anita Pollard Grant and Joél Simone Maldonado will focus on microaggressions, macroaggressions, exercising emotional intelligence, cultural appropriation, "reverse" racism, and much more. 

Expect to learn about:

  1. Identifying and exploring micro & macro-aggressions and how they affect communities of color in professional and death care spaces.
  2. The importance of exercising emotional intelligence when serving and working with culturally and racially diverse communities.
  3. What exactly is cultural appropriation? How can you move from a space of appropriation to a place of appreciation in death care and funeral service?
  4. What are “white privilege” and "reverse" racism? Do they exist? How do they affect those that we provide death care and funeral services to?
  5. What is the difference between diversity and inclusion? How this shows up in death care, and how we can improve the level of service we provide to the deceased, their families and the communities of color that we service?

This course is certified for 1.75 CE Credits through the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice.