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Price Survey Results

In 2018, People's Memorial conducted its biennial survey of Washington State funeral home pricing.

Despite today's consumers being acclimated to shopping online, only 38% of funeral homes post their prices online. This is up from 2016 when only 27% of funeral homes posted their prices on their websites.

The survey includes only funeral homes in Washington that handled 24 or more cases in 2016

Top Findings

  • Cremation prices vary by as much as 750%. The average cost for Direct Cremation in the state is $1,484 and ranges from $490 to $4,165.
  • Burial prices vary by over 400%. The average price of Direct Burial is $2,188, with prices ranging from $698 to $4,791. A Complete Funeral service with embalming, viewing, services and basic casket averages $3,811 as low as $1,585 and as high as $8,800.
  • Only 31% of funeral homes didn’t provide pricing (requiring a personal visit or didn’t respond to emails or phone calls) versus 61% in 2016.

The study reinforces the importance of consumers shopping around and planning ahead to assure that they receive the final arrangements that they want at a price they can afford.

2018 Funeral Home Price Survey Results updated July 2019

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