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Please start by entering your own information, then after that you will enter the information of the person for whom you are gifting the membership. 

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We will send you, the giver, a "Welcome New Member Gift Card" to include your personalized message within 48 hours of member submission.

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Please enter the mailing address of the person receiving the gift. The new member card and member packet will be sent to this address after the holidays.

Membership Pricing

I understand this membership is a gift.

Document Storage Service is an option for People’s Memorial members. We will scan and store an electronic copy of your Disposition Authorization and other funeral planning paperwork with your membership record for access by your chosen contracted funeral home at time of death.

Your PMA membership covers only a portion of our advocacy and education efforts. To help us further our mission and ensure all Washingtonians have compassionate end of life options, please consider adding a fully tax-deductible gift to your membership purchase today.


No hyphens or spaces are needed when entering the credit card number.

If you experience technical issues while signing up online, please call our office at (206) 325-0489 for assistance.

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Your security code is the 3-digit code at the end of the signature field on your card's back.

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