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Education & Advocacy

Upcoming sessions with The Grave Woman

Thursday, February 1, 2024Thursday, February 29, 2024

The Grave Woman has packed her 2024 calendar with rich educational and healing opportunities! Upcoming sessions with Joél Maldonado (aka The Grave Woman) include:

-Booklet: The Grief Kit Guide
-Booklet: Affirmations for Grief
-Self-guided: Grief and the Zodiac - Honoring Loss Through Ritual
-Self-guided: Spiritual End of Life and Funeral Planning 101

-2/2: Cultural Competency: Black Hair and Skin Care for End of Life and Death Care Professionals
-2/6: Spiritual Death Care
-2/9: Cultural Competency: Shampooing, Conditioning & Detangling Black Hair
-2/16: Cultural Competency: Removing Braids & Other Hair Extensions
-2/23: Cultural Competency: Properly Caring for Locs & Twist
-Self-guided: Racism in Death Care: Confronting Bias, Ignorance & Prejudice
-Self-guided: Racism in Death Care 2.0
-Self-guided: Disenfranchised Grief
-Self-guided: Mortuary School Your Comprehensive Guide for Getting Started
-Self-guided: Surviving Mortuary School
-Self-guided: 10 Tips for Succeeding in Mortuary School
-Self-guided: 3 Things They Won't Teach You in Mortuary School
-Self-guided: You Finished Mortuary School, Now What?
-Self-guided: My 7 Biggest Mistakes as a Funeral Director & Entrepreneur
-Self-guided: Daily Affirmations for Death Care Professionals
-Self-guided: Self Care for Death Care Professionals
-Self-guided: How to Interview Like Death Care Pro
-Self-guided: Death Care Q&A

Learn more about her and her work by visiting her website at