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Neatly arranged rows of marble grave markers in a wooded cemetery.

Discounted Burial Plots

Discounted Burial Plots


The following cemetery plots are for sale:

Cedar Lawns Memorial Park, Redmond. Christus Lot 29, Space 5. Current market value $9,900. PMA price $4,950.

Evergreen Washelli Memorial Park, Seattle. Evergreen, Section 7, Lot 503, Space 2 (one interment right included). Current market value $12,000. PMA price $6,000.

Evergreen Washelli Memorial Park, Seattle. Double depth plot in 18L lawn crypts E,18L,SS,U-L,10. Current market value $17,595. PMA price $8,795.

Floral Hills Cemetery, Lynnwood. Azalea Garden Lot I-13 spaces 9 and 10 (one burial right included with each space). Current market value $12,900 each. PMA price $6,450 each.

Forest Lawn Cemetery, Bremerton. Hillcrest Section Lot 3401, Spaces 2 & 3 (one burial right included with each space). Current market value $10,000. PMA price $5,000.

Miller Woodlawn Memorial Park, Bremerton. Fountain Lot 369, Space 4 (one burial right, interment (open/close), and Vantage Vault included). Current market value $8,885. PMA price $4,443.

Moles Greenacres Memorial Park, Ferndale. Block 38, Section 84, Lot 5. Current market value $2,570. PMA price $1,285. (This plot was donated to the Oregon Memorial Association. The proceeds from this plot will be split with OMA)

Mountain View Funeral Home and Memorial Park, Lakewood. Alder Lot-9 Space-2. Current market value $16,400. PMA price $8,200.

Riverton Crest Cemetery, Tukwila. Sundial Lot 12 Space 5 (companion lot so two people can use the space). Current market value $7,800. PMA price $3,900.


To inquire about purchasing any of the listed cemetery property, contact the People's Memorial Association office at 206-325-0489 or  To arrange to visit the cemetery, please contact the cemetery directly.


People sometimes donate plots to People's Memorial Association that they have decided not to use and we sell them at 50% of their market value. Funds raised from the sale of these plots are used to further our programming. The process for purchasing a plot is fairly simple:

1. Please visit the cemetery to be sure it's the plot you want. While there, please ask the staff about:

  • The additional costs that you will be responsible for such as the opening and closing of the grave, liners, and markers;
  • If you wish to bury more than one urn, ask if they allow additional inurnment rights and the price. One inurnment right is included (unless noted otherwise). If you plan to bury a casketed body, that is likely all that will be allowed; and
  • The plot transfer fee. PMA will cover up to $395 which is the standard fee.

2. Once you're certain you'd like to purchase the plot, please contact to arrange for payment. We prefer payment by card and can accept check or cash. A payment plan for up to one year may be arranged if you need it. 

3. Once payment is received in full, we will schedule an in-person meeting at the cemetery with you/ the purchaser, a PMA representative, and a cemetery representative. At that meeting, we’ll complete the cemetery’s paperwork to transfer the deed from People’s Memorial Association to you/the purchaser. This meeting typically takes about 30 mins to an hour. At this time, the transfer fee to the cemetery will be due and PMA will pay up to $395.