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Shadow sunrise over mountains with bare shrub in foreground.

About PMA

Kendall Hanson-Sexton, Member-at-Large

Kendall Hanson-Sexton, Member-at-Large

Kendall Hanson-Sexton, born in Colorado, began to feel a pull to the Pacific Northwest just before graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Missouri. For them, art, performing, & advocacy has always been linked. Back in Colorado, they found themself using their design degree to create intentional, meaningful events with friends. 

A decade ago, Kendall booked a one-way ticket to Seattle.  It was in Seattle at a Death Salon where they had a realization.  The art and advocacy that they were so passionate about could have yet another a purpose: so much could be helped by making conversation & information about end of life more approachable. Close personal and community losses had recently shown Kendall how impactful death care was to the living & that not everyone can do it or even think about it.