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By setting up a recurring monthly gift you can become a Family Ally.  Join others in your community by contributing $50 (or any amount!) a month to help a family in need through the Cremation Assistance Fund. After 12 months, you will have covered the cost of 75% of cremation for one person. Contributions are processed automatically on or around the same day each month, making it convenient to support a family in need. Become a Family Ally today and set up your recurring monthly gift today!

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As a Family Ally you will provide:

  • The gift of dignified and affordable funeral arrangements. People who apply for financial assistance are often not indigent, nor was their loved one. Without the support of the PMA Cremation Assistance Fund, a family may be directed to their county's indigent cremation program. If they are unable to pay the county's fee for cremation, they are unable to receive their loved one's cremated remains. 
  • Space to create healing memories in the wake of loss. With financial assistance comes a major reduction in stress and anxiety. This provides the survivors with space to focus on communicating with their family and with the funeral home. They are able to be present during the weeks surrounding the death to process their loss and relish in the memories of their loved one.

Here's a brief story of a family that received support in 2020 through the Cremation Assistance Fund:

Derek lost his job due to the global pandemic in June 2020. He was working in the cruise line industry and has been receiving unemployment, but his budget is incredibly tight considering the cost of living in Seattle. His father was hospitalized alone and passed away after just a few weeks. Derek couldn't afford the $1,000 cost for cremation, which included the cost of death certificates, taxes, and county fees. He did not want to go through the county indigent program for reasons we can understand - his father was not indigent and Derek desperately wanted to provide a dignified goodbye.  

People's Memorial Association is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization under the name "PMA Education Fund". All gifts are fully tax-deductible as allowed by law EIN: 68-0621888.