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Candles and flowers surround urn at somber memorial service.

Member Prices & Plans

Cremation Plans & Prices

People's Memorial negotiates simple and economical cremation plans at partnering funeral homes

These contractual prices are in effect until May 31, 2019

Plan PMA Member Price
Simple Cremation $755
Simple Cremation with Memorial Service $1,355

Simple Cremation - $755

  • Cremation
  • Alternative container (cremation tray)
  • Cremated remains placed in basic urn for pickup by next-of-kin

Simple Cremation with Memorial Service - $1,355

  • Includes all services above plus:
  • Use of chapel facilities
  • Handling of flowers 
  • Coordination of memorial-type services, Monday - Friday 9 AM to 5 PM


Included in Cremation Plans:

  • Pick-up and transportation of the deceased member at any hour of the day or night within 30 miles of funeral home
  • Sheltering of remains and refrigeration
  • Conference with survivors for arrangements
  • Procurement and filing death certificate
  • Notification of social security

Not Included in Cremation Plans:

  • Sales tax
  • King County Medical Examiner tax
  • Transportation outside the 30 mile service area
  • Ferry or bridge tolls
  • Newspaper obituaries
  • Flowers, honoraria for clergy, celebrant or musicians
  • Certified copies of death certificate (funeral home will file the original and assist with ordering certified copies at cost)
  • Other cash advance items


Additional Goods and Services Available:

  • Expedited cremation fee (less than 5 working days) - $150
  • Cremation witness fee (including expedited services & private family viewing) - $300
  • Cremation fee (following the purchase of Plans 5 or 6 in lieu of burial) - $300
  • Private family viewing of unembalmed remains -  $200
  • Disseminate cremated remains in Puget Sound (if offered) - $150
  • Plus-size removal, cremation or burial per each 100 lbs or fraction over 300 lbs. - $300
  • Saturday/holiday viewing or ceremony fee -  $350
  • Evening viewing or ceremony fee - $200
  • Procession and/or graveside service (cost of police escort additional) - $400
  • Transportation requiring 1 person outside 30 mile service area - $3.00/mile one way
  • Transportation requiring 2 people outside 30 mile service area - $4.50/mile one way
  • Transportation requiring a ferry - $80/hr for 1 staff person; $120/hr for 2 staff people

Additional goods and services, including a selection of caskets and urns may be purchased at a 15% discount from the General Price List of the chosen People’s Memorial contracted Funeral Home.

These contractual prices are in effect until May 31, 2019.