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Tree and Memorial Cross

Member Prices & Plans

The following choices are available in Washington State:

Download a printable list of all member plans and prices.

To ensure your choices are honored, Designate an Agent or fill out a Disposition Authorization separate from your will, and share your wishes with your next-of-kin. Do not store your wishes only in a safe deposit box, as it often takes several weeks or longer for next-of-kin to gain access.

For more information on these and other necessary end of life arrangements, consider attending a Ducks in a Row workshop, or visiting our Member Forms page.


  • 78% of all Washingtonians choose cremation
  • Only one person is cremated at a time, no animals are cremated with humans
  • Items may placed in with body and cremated at the same time
  • Cremation process takes about 4-6 hours


  • Embalming is not required by law
  • You can only be buried in a licensed cemetery (not on your own land)
  • Cemeteries can dictate size/type of monument
  • Washington currently has 5 green cemeteries

Full Body Donation (always have a back up plan, such as cremation or burial)