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Diverse group of smiling young professionals with a business membership to PMA


Business and Group Memberships

Business and Group Memberships are a low-cost and highly valuable benefit you can provide your employees and members.  Employees and members who feel prepared for the inevitable are more engaged and productive.  Employees who plan for end of life for their spouse or loved ones miss fewer days of work when death occurs.  Save your employees or members hundreds, even thousands of dollars, by providing tools for planning.  Groups can consist of any type of at least 10 memberships purchased simultaneously, such as clubs, religious organizations, or families.  

Give the gift of true peace of mind.

Benefits for your employees or members: 

  • Lifetime membership - one-time membership dues, no annual premiums
  • Free admission to Ducks in a Row, the popular education workshop on after-death options and planning
  • Planning tools and guidance on how to share your wishes with family and loved ones
  • A compassionate and trustworthy resource about funerals and other after-death arrangements
  • An advocate working to protect you at the State and Federal levels
  • Access to discounted rates for cremation and burial plans at Contracted Funeral Homes throughout Washington
  • 15% discount on all caskets, urns or services offered by the selected funeral home

Benefits for your business or group:

  • Feature your organization in PMA's monthly newsletter, with over 25,000 subscribers


Purchasing business and group memberships saves 30% for 10 people or more ($35/person)!  For example, employee memberships would cost a business with 10 employees only $350.

Sign up for a business membership by calling 206.325.0489 or emailing  People's Memorial Association will provide your company a presentation about PMA membership benefits.