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Funeral Directives

Funeral Directives

We’re doing our best to make it simple for you to get your affairs in order! The forms are here for your use free of charge. Making decisions when you’re not under pressure and taking the time to fill out your funeral planning forms can save your family a tremendous amount of stress–not to mention thousands of dollars when the time comes.

A simple one-page document called a Disposition Authorization allows you to authorize your choice of cremation or burial as well as where you choose as your final resting place. Complete the form online, print, sign and keep with your important papers. Be sure to discuss your wishes with your survivors and let them know where your original documents are filed so they can present them to the funeral home at time of death.

Before any cremation or burial can take place, a death certificate must be filed with the county. To expedite that process and spare added stress on your survivors, we encourage you to also complete a Death Certificate Worksheet. This form asks for birth and family background information to which your survivors may not readily know the answers.

If you wish to name a specific person to direct your funeral arrangements, you may wish to execute a Designated Agent form. A Designated Agent is kind of like a power of attorney for funeral arrangements. This form is useful for those who may wish to have a non-family member, such as a good friend oversee their cremation or burial arrangements. This form may be particularly important if you have no living blood relatives. It may also be useful to designate an agent if you feel that your next-of-kin may not honor your wishes or you anticipate there may be family conflict over your choice of final arrangements.