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Lashanna Williams

Lashanna Williams

Using and fully trusting in all six senses is the root to how Lashanna engages with death.  Massage therapy, hospice volunteering, and work as a Death Doula opened her eyes to the current reality of dying in America, specifically, for marginalized humans. Lashanna sought to create pockets for less fear around death and, if possible, an understanding. Pockets created through community education, the Employee Death Benefit Program, and care for the actively dying.  It's more than educating people on laws and options, she physically helps with paperwork and care. Being able to die in a manner that honors the life lived can be important for the dying and for those who remain. In her work, she holds a space in dying for the genuine honoring of life, spirit, and of choices. “My path to death work came through touch,” she says. “Mine is nurturing and loving, whole and soft, confident and safe, strong and unwavering."  Lashanna is the Executive Director of A Sacred Passing, a Seattle-based nonprofit offering death and dying education, planning, and practical care guidance to individuals, community associations, and medical organizations. Lashanna is available to present on the following topic:

  • What is a Death Doula?

Location: King County