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About PMA

Cheryl Jennings, Member-at-Large

Cheryl Jennings, Member-at-Large

"I have long believed in the consumer funeral movement, joined PMA in the 1990s, and later signed up my children and mother.  I appreciate how PMA delivers practical, dispassionate and cost-effective services to its members, and makes them as “portable” as possible within and outside Washington State.   I also appreciate the value of good end-of-life planning that some of my elderly relatives did, and fear the absence or poor quality of it that others in my family have refused to do.  Although I’m not much of a “joiner,” I applied to the PMA board because I believe in its purpose, and after leaving the diplomatic corps felt that it was time to contribute some of my time and experience to a local organization."

Cheryl is a retired U.S. diplomat who served in 28 countries. Her strengths are strategic planning, project development, program and resources management, outreach and communications. PMA is lucky she chose us to be her nonprofit partner!

In addition to her time as a board member, Cheryl has volunteered her time as a member of PMA's Governance, Legislative, and Equity & Inclusion Committees. She helped conduct the 2022 Price Survey and is always willing to lend her editing skills!