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About PMA

Ashley Topacio, Treasurer

Ashley Topacio, Treasurer

"I’m here because I believe this organization provides the community with social benefits that cannot be measured.

Having worked as one of Nora’s interns and also in the PMA office, I had the opportunity to witness the impact our commitment to transparency and compassionate care has on individuals and families.

Before working with PMA and the Co-op, I spent several years supporting families as a birth doula. I believe that life passages, such as birth, aging, and death, are important and even sacred; during these times, we tend to remember how we felt more than what happened/what was said. Trauma can occur during a life passage in which someone feels unsafe or unheard. When trauma occurs during a life passage, this can impact an entire family or community system for generations.

Additionally, the legislative efforts to pass new disposition methods that are environmentally kind, and our price survey, set our members up for having the best options available. We work to make some of their hardest decisions or hardest days a little easier than they would be if they were navigating on their own.

The work we do offers people the knowledge and support to prevent a traumatic experience from occurring when someone they care for dies. By working to provide a gentle, honest passage for the family or caretaker of a deceased person, we can impact that person’s support systems in a positive way. By holding space for death-positive conversations and planning, we help others cultivate a peace of mind for themselves and their families when it comes to the logistics of death."