PEOPLE’S MEMORIAL has always been an advocate for planning ahead regarding end-of-life.  We provide the following forms to make it easy for you to be organized and prepared.

Disposition Authorization allows you to authorize your choice of cremation or burial as well as where you choose as your final resting place.   Complete the form online, print, sign and keep with your important papers.  Be sure to discuss your wishes with your survivors and let them know where your original documents are filed so they can present them to the funeral home at time of death.

We encourage you to also complete a Putting My House in Order Form, which contains all the death certificate info needed.

If you wish to name a specific person to direct your funeral arrangements, please fill out a Designated Agent form.  A Designated Agent is like a power of attorney for funeral arrangements.   This form may be particularly important if you have no living blood relatives.

PEOPLE’S MEMORIAL has also created a Dear Family Letter which is designed to tell your next of kin what advance directives, estate plans, funeral plans, bank and retirement accounts etc. you may have.

For those who wish to have PEOPLE’S MEMORIAL hold their funeral planning documents for them, we now have a Document Safekeeping Program where we will electronically scan your paperwork for a $25 fee and return the originals back to you.  At  time of death, the funeral home of your choice will have access to the electronic documents.  If you are interested in submitting your cremation or burial paperwork, please complete the Document Safekeeping form and submit to our office with your completed planning documents.